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We offer original mobile oven directly from the maker, with our own types!

magunkrolI have started to work with ovens years before. As I like cooking-frying in bigger fellowship too, I had to find out only an oven. I made a hooded oven by myself, I asked old men and masters advices. It went off well, and there was no standing still…

My firs bread caught in the pen, but now I can cook many meat - meals in my self-made oven. If I could, you can do it too! Many pieces followed the first one. In my garden and in my house three different types work. As usual, for my friends and for their friends needed one. I have mentioned, our fellowship is very big, we gladly cook together, but there was once, when we didn’t want to cook in cauldron or make barbecue, but we wanted to fry something.

Than came the idea to build an oven, what is mobile and you can put onto a trailer and it gives back the joy and the cue of frying. The firs mobile oven got ready and many have followed that. Time doesn’t go away without cooking with our mobile oven. Try this special importence!

Cook with mobile oven anytime and anywhere, the food made by it will be more special and delicious.